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Hi, Nikki here,

Thanks for visiting my website. This will be my uncensored The Tao of Badass Review.
I’m giving an honest and detailed review of Joshua Pellicer’s dating course for men. I will make sure I cover all the essential information you need to know, before grabbing a copy for yourself.

Keep in mind, this is only a review site, if you want to visit The Tao of Badass website, click here.

What is The Tao of Badass about?


If you’ve heard of The Tao of Badass and you probably have, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this website, you may think it’s a book teaching guys how to pick up chicks, get a girlfriend or anything in those lines. And yes, it is about picking up girls and dating but it’s more of a book about teaching men how to become the best version of themselves.

It teaches you how to gain confidence, how to be more attractive to women, how to interact with women and people in general. In summary – how to improve every aspect of your social life and become a “badass” with women.

The author – Joshua Pellicer

Joshua Pellicer is one of the most famous dating coaches on the internet. He was once a shy and insecure guy, who didn’t have much success with women. While studying psychology in university he started researching and testing psychological concepts on women in an attempt to “crack the code” of attraction. And after years of research he created a system for attracting women – The Tao of Badass.

Now, let’s dig into The Tao of Badass Review

Gender roles - First, Joshua introduces the concept of the gender roles in our society. It’s important to know what these roles really are and how to play the right role, because different types of women are attracted to men who play different gender roles. So, the first step to becoming a master with women, is understanding the gender roles and which gender role you should play.

Confidence - Every woman is unique and complicated, however there is one thing that they all have in common – they all are attracted to confident men.

This section stresses the importance of having confidence as an absolute prerequisite when interacting with women. It teaches you how to overcome social fears or insecurities and how to solidify your confidence.

The System - After going over the most important concepts of female psychology, Joshua reveals the actual system itself. The system that he claims will give you absolute control of the interaction with any woman.
He calls it the map of interaction. It has four phases:


1. Attraction

2. Rapport

3. Seduction

4. Relationship balance

So what do all of these mean?

Attraction is when you meet a girl for the first time and generate curiosity and attraction. The next phase is rapport when you emotionally connect with the girl and create trust. Seduction is when you escalate sexually and relationship balance is when you two start a relationship with her, if you choose to.

If one wants to be a master with women he must learn how to go through all these phases properly. All four are very important and crucial for your success. Skipping one or more has its own negative consequences.

Joshua goes into a lot of detail about how to execute each phase properly and how to correct any mistakes you may make during the interaction.


Approach - Approaching women is a huge problem for a lot of guys, so there is an entire chapter, which focuses on improving your approach mechanism and overcoming any social anxiety with a lot of effective techniques.

Tests - Projecting confidence is one thing, proving you are really confident is another. Women will test a man’s confidence a lot and if he fails, he will most probably be rejected. So, in this chapter Joshua reveals what these test are, how to know when you are being tested and how to pass them.

Body Language - Joshua highlights that body language is very important during any social interaction. He shows you how to read a woman’s body language to see if she is attracted or not interested and also he reveals several ways how to use your own body language to make yourself attractive.

Okay guys, so these are the main topics discussed in The Tao of Badass, here is a screenshot of the contents of the book, if you want to take a look:

Tao of Badass proof

The online members area

Apart from the book itself the course comes with an online members area where there is a lot of free bonus material on subjects like: how to get out of the friend zone, how to banter like a pro, how to build rapport, how to escalate physically, how to make sure you never get cheated on and many more.

There are dozens of instructional videos as well, like the Body Language mastery course, in which Joshua talks about how to master the 5 aspects of Body Language to get the most out of your social interactions. Also you can interact with other members and seek personal advice from the pros.

Tao of Badass members Area2

What are the bad things about The Tao of Badass?

Just like any other book and course I’ve reviewed so far, this one has a couple of downsides worth mentioning:

The Information can be overwhelming – If you’re not that good with women, as I was when first reading the book, all this new information revealed suddenly, can be confusing. I see a lot of people struggling where to start, what to do and how to do it.

Practice is needed – You can’t expect that immediately after reading the book, you will hook up with 100 hot girls. No, it doesn’t work like that, you have to apply what you’ve learned over and over again until perfection. It takes time, effort and patience to become a “badass” with women.

And what are the good things about The Tao of Badass?


Content: Although it’s a little bit overwhelming, the content in the book is great. It has so much information on so many aspects of social life. Joshua does a great job of explaining the psychology behind every concept and technique.

Online members area: The fact that it has an online community is awesome. You can interact with the community, read a ton of bonus material or watch videos teaching you more techniques and helping you enhance what you’ve learned. This is the one of the best online members areas I’ve seen so far.

The course can be used by anyone: The concepts on which the system stands are universal. It doesn’t matter how old you’re, where you live, or if you are single or not, the course can be used by any man.

Final verdict

In my opinion, The Tao of Badass book is a great quality relationship/dating course for guys. As someone who has went over the course several times and used a lot of the techniques to improve his social life I can definitely say it’s not a scam. The course reveals a lot of little known secrets of female psychology. It teaches you ways of attracting women, which take advantage of these secrets for maximum results. It shows you how to avoid the most common mistakes men make with women and how to become a better man in other aspects of your life as well.

However, as I said earlier, to achieve all that you need to apply what you’ve learned, the book is not a magic pill that you take and instantly become a “chick magnet”. It will take time to master all the aspects of the course. I stongly recommend the book to guys who want to have more success with girls, to guys who want to improve their relationship, or guys who aren’t happy with their social life in general. You can learn a lot of useful knowledge by reading the book.

This is my review, I hope it has helped you get a better idea of what The Tao of Badass is about.


Click here to visit The Tao of Badass Official Website.

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What makes an average looking guy instantly become “hot”?

In my The Tao of Badass review, I mentioned about a concept in the book – “tests of confidence”. So, here I will go a little more in depth into what these tests are and how you can pass them.

Passing them will prove your confidence and women’s attraction towards you will rise significantly.

When you approach hot girls over and over again, with time you will see a pattern. They will test you. If you fail these tests, you will not hook up with any of them. Period.

Like many others, you will become just another guy she rejected once, because she didn’t find him attractive. The Tao of Badass Review.

However, there is a way to pass these tests 100% of the time.


The tests might seem intimidating or even impossible to pass at first, most guys fail them miserably.

However in The Tao of Badass, Joshua Pellicer explains very thoroughly how to pass them.

But if you learn how to pass them, you will be one of the very few guys that will break through her defences and become a potential sexual candidate.

There are two types of these tests: compliance tests and congruence tests. In this article I will be talking mainly about compliance tests.

 Why do hot women make these tests?

A compliance test is basically a request from her. Not any request though ,only requests that are either something that you don’t want do to or something that you don’t need to do.  She asks you to do something unreasonable, to see if you comply. If you do, she will gain control over the interaction and you.

One would logically assume that she is giving the test just so she can be in control.

But, that’s not true. She is giving you the test to see if you are really a confident, dominant man. She needs this test, especially if she is super hot. Hot women get hit on a lot, probably about 10-15 times a day. Therefore she needs this filter mechanism to flush out men, who are not worthy of her attention.

And since very hot women love confident, dominant men she gives you a compliance test, to see if you really are confident and dominant.


By giving you this test she wants to see if you are used to interacting with beautiful women or not. If you are, you will not bend over backwards just because she wants something.

Instead you will respond in some way that puts the compliance back to her.

Beautiful women will always give you compliance tests and if you fail them you will always get rejected. So, it’s important for you to learn how to pass them.

How do you recognize a compliance test?

Basically, pay attention to any demand that she gives you within a short time of meeting her that gets you to comply to something.

For example – “Buy me a drink.”

“Wait here while I go to the bathroom.”

“Give me a kiss on the cheek.”

And even “will you take a picture of us?”

Any request that seems sort of harmless is usually a compliance test, especially if the girl is very hot.

Now, you don’t want to directly reject the test, but rather add your own terms, take control over it.


For instance, if she says: “Take a picture of me and my girlfriend.” Then you should say: ”Okay, but after that I will take one more picture of you, the way I want you to take it .”

If she says “no”, then you say “okay we will find some other guy.”

And you find someone else to take the picture for her. However, most of the time, she will agree to your demands. Basically you are getting compliance from her.

Another way to call this is “flipping the script”. It’s a powerful technique to pass a compliance test and it creates a massive amount of intrigue and attraction.

From now on, make sure you look for these compliance tests. When you encounter them don’t accept or reject them, simply twist them by adding your own rules.

Article inspired by The Tao of Badass Review


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How to kiss a girl without fear of rejection

In this article I am going to share another concept from The Tao of Badass. And it is how you can kiss a girl without anxiety.

Almost every guy, myself included, fears being rejected on various stages of an interaction with a girl. And a lot of guys are afraid of rejection when trying to kiss a girl and maybe they have even gotten “the cheek”.


If you are one of those guys, you know that having a solid technique for going for a kiss is crucial.

Going for a kiss in my opinion is the worst stage to get rejected in, for a couple of reasons:

1. You’ve spent a lot of effort on this girl and there isn’t enough time until the end of the night to go the end and then you run into a concrete wall and are forced to leave it.

2. Messing up the kiss might mean that you can’t move from here to seduction.

A lot of guys can’t master moving in for a kiss because it doesn’t happen frequently.

Even on a fine night, a lot of guys usually will concentrate on one girl for the entire night, where kissing her is just a probability.

rejecting woman

You need to experience a lot of rejections to find the most effective way to go for a sure kiss.

However, Joshua Pellicer has experienced all these failures and discovered a killer technique to go for a kiss.

A technique, which he kindly shared in The Tao of Badass.

This kiss technique shows you how to intentionally trigger subconscious signals by using your body language to make her want to kiss you.

Powerful stuff…

When you master this technique, the situation of a woman thinking about kissing you will suddenly become a situation that you have absolute control over..

Deciding, on the other hand, to “wing it” just as most of the other guys, will result in some problems…


First of all you won’t know how receptive she will be to a kiss. Your hesitation is her reservation.

The more you hesitate, the slimmer your chances will get, because she will start to raise all kinds of reservations and 2nd thoughts.

If you don’t go for kiss the proper way, at the proper time, you’ll be perceived as needy (as if you are desperate to get a girl, because you aren’t good with women), if you were good with women, you wouldn’t be nervous about kissing this girl. The Tao of Badass Review

How do you show you are not needy?

Simple – you use the kiss technique from The Tao of Badass Review.

It involves two body language concepts combined into a bulletproof remedy for mastering a kiss approach.

1st concept – Triangular gazing.

You should apply this after you’ve built some rapport with the girl and want to advance to seduction. This is, basically looking from 1 eye to the other, and then looking her in the mouth.


Looking her in the mouth, will make you think about kissing her subconsciously, because this is anchored to the concept of kissing.

Even looking at a girl you don’t like and looking her in the mouth, you will start thinking about kissing her and your attraction toward her will rise.

The same applies for girls. And the good news is you can subconsciously make her do this and she will feel more attracted to you.

This is where the second concept comes into play

2nd concept – Mirroring.

Whenever you are interacting with somebody, you will follow the leader of the interaction, because you want to build rapport with him/her. It all happens subconsciously.

When you combine mirroring and triangular gazing, you have the perfect remedy to make her want to kiss you.


After you’ve built some rapport with her, start looking at her mouth. Only for two seconds at first, then return back to looking at her eyes.

Switch your attention between right and left eye, and back to the mouth, this time for a couple of seconds more.

Continue doing this triangular movement and you want to be looking at her mouth longer and longer each time you do this.

Eventually, your eyes will be mostly fixed on her mouth.

When she starts looking at your mouth too, you will know she’s ready for a kiss. Now you will know with for sure when she’s ready for a kiss, so you can take the hesitation out of the equation.

And that’s it. Simple, but it requires practice to master it. So, go out, meet some girls and try the technique, you will be surprised by how effective it is.

Article inspired by The Tao of Badass Review.


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Avoid any awkward silence with this trick

There is a very interesting unconventional conversation saving technique that Joshua Pellicer talks about in The Tao of Badass Review.

You’ve probably experienced this scenario at least a couple of times.

You’ve just met this hot girl, you are talking, she is smiling, everything looks perfect.

And then… it just happens.

Brain Fart

You can call it a loss of words, a brain fart, a blank mind, doesn’t matter. What matters is that it kills the conversion out of nowhere and you can sense her attraction dropping faster and faster.

So, is there something you can do to restore the conversation back to its previous high flying level?

Actually there is.

This is a great way to save a conversation with a girl and help stimulate her mind to get her in a sexual mood, while still being in the context of bantering.

Here it is:

When you start to run out of things to say and you feel that the conversation will die very soon, turn to her and say:

“Let’s play a quick game.”

You will see her eyes sparkle with curiosity. This is something different from the usual night-time drivel she’s used to. She will certainly invite you to continue.

Proceed with the game.  Start glancing around the room, assessing all the other guys you see and begin pointing them out one by one, asking her “Ok, so would you sleep with, marry or kill him?”

She’ll probably laugh at first, and then she’ll look at your target and size him up.

You want to choose guys with different personality types and behaviours.

For example a douche bag, a jock, a nerd, a business guy, a bad boy rocker etc.

If she says she will sleep with the rocker, marry the nerd and kill the guy in a suit, then you can assume that she’s got a wild side, she hates guys with a lot of structure and she’s secretly a nerd.

Closeup of a happy young woman smiling isolated on white backgro

Just think about that for a second… she’ll basically be giving you huge clues on how to seduce her.

You can continue bantering. The Tao of Badass Review Keep the conversion playful, non-needy and light. Make fun and silly predictions about who you assume she’d sleep with marry and kill.

Moreover, she will get turned on.

You are asking her to think about who she wants to sleep with and all in the context of an experience that was created by and shared with you and nobody else.

You’ll appear very confident in your ability to attract women and confident in your sexuality.

You can easily discuss the hypothetical thought of her sleeping with other men and that doesn’t bother you.

99% of guys would be horrified to even suggest she look at some other guy when he’s hitting on her.

And as I discussed in my The Tao of Badass Review confidence is very sexy to women.

After playing this game for a few minutes, she will be turned on by your playfulness, creativity and confidence.

Article inspired by The Tao of Badass Review


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How to make out with a girl in less than 40 seconds – for real

This is yet another interesting concept from The Tao of Badass book.

We’ve all seen this situation at some point – a guy walks up to a girl he doesn’t know and makes out with her almost immediately and we all ask ourselves the same question – “How did that happen?”.


It looks like magic, something we can never do – a super power or a special ability which someone is born with.

But the truth is… it’s not. And all it takes are a few simple steps you follow in order to make the same thing possible for you. In this article dating coach Joshua Pellicer reveals what these steps are.

Step 1 – Realization

You must realize that the main difference between someone who is a good with women and someone who is bad, is knowing how to spot a woman who’s ready to make out with you.

If you walk into a club and go up to a woman, without knowing what signals to look for, your chances of success go way down.

You must have the ability to spot a woman who’s in this “make out ready” state, so that you can walk up and make out with her.

Don’t think that women don’t want this to happen. Women are as sexual, if not more, than guys are. However, most of the time, this quick make out doesn’t happen, because most guys are afraid to go for it.

There are a few signs that will tell you if a woman is ready for an immediate make out session.

Step 2 – What are the signs?

The first sign is a woman looking down often.  If she is makes eye contact with you, then instantly she looks down then back up again and also if she tilts her head down, she is physically lowering herself and being submissive.


That means she is inviting you to come over and be the dominant guy. The Tao of Badass Review

On the other hand, if she looks at you smiling and doesn’t break eye contact, it a more complicated situation. Socially, she is facing you head on, without showing submission.

Women who are ready to make out in 40 seconds should take the submissive role automatically. This is a very important sign showing you that the woman is ready to make out with you.

Another sign is she’s looking around to make eye contact. A woman engaged in a conversation with someone and not looking away is not going to be seduced in 40 seconds or less, it will take much longer.

If you are targeting that kind of woman your game will have to be completely different.

Instead, if you notice a woman in a conversation but looking around most of the time and trying to make eye contact with people, it’s very possible that’s a woman you can walk up to and make out with almost immediately.

Other body language signs are her stance and the way she is dressed. If she is standing with her feet at shoulder width apart it’s not likely that you will be able to walk up and dominate a her with this kind of stance. She will be a lot more resistant, because she is showing dominant body language.


You want to look for a woman who doesn’t take up much space. Someone with legs closer together who is kind of outside of a group and is looking around a little bit.

If she’s dressed flashy and in a way that’s attracting attention, she most probably isn’t the kind of woman you can make out with instantly. This woman is seeking attention, not somebody to dominate her.

What you should be looking for is a girl wearing something between “Stare at my boobs, bitch!” and “I don’t care.”

Most girls who are on vacation fall into this realm. They don’t over dress or under dress because they usually don’t know what the bar atmosphere is going to be. They typically are open minded and looking around, trying to make connections, showing attractive body language. This is a perfect situation for you (and her as well).

That’s what you should look for in a girl, if you want to make out with her in 40 seconds. When you see some of these signs in someone watch her for a second. If you think that this is the kind of girl you can walk up and do it, then go on.

Okay, now that you’ve spotted your girl, it’s time for the scary part – walking up to her and starting a conversation.

Step 3 –  What do you do?

To do this properly you are going to use a very powerful technique of frame control. It’s important to understand how to use frame control, if you want to look like an expert at this.

And “frame” in this situation basically means her “reality”. You’re controlling her experience.  You will control what her experience in order to bring her to a level where she feels comfortable making out with you instantly.

There is a very quick way to do this.

Here is what I would do: Walk up to a girl and when she makes eye contact with you, you slowly put your finger up by your lips and say: “Shhh…”

Then slow down your speech pattern and deepen your vocal tonality. And say, “Stop for one minute.” Or “Wait just one moment.” This is psychological trick. Whenever someone hears “don’t”, “wait” or “stop” he/she immediately focuses on whatever comes after that.

So, if you say “Don’t make out with me” she will be consciously be hearing that sentence but her subconscious mind will be interpreting “Make out with me now!”

You’re trying to make her think that making out with you is her idea. If you do it properly she should be thinking in her head: “I better make out with this guy.”

Now this frame control and other subconscious triggers that you will be using are pretty powerful. So, use them only for good, because there are a lot of evil ways to use them.

Don’t attempt to seduce women who don’t want to be seduced. Again, that’s why it’s important to notice a woman who has the right signs, who wants to be seduced.

Let’s go over what we’ve talked about so far: you walk up, put your finger on your lips and say “Shhhh” for a moment and that say a line that has “don’t”, “stop” or “wait” in it.

The you go into the next sentence, which would be something like: ”You and me are going to have a secret kiss and no one will find out.”

And as you’re saying this, you will be leaning in ever so slowly. At the same time, you will be looking at her eyes and then down to her lips and then back up to her eyes again.

It’s the body language attraction technique called Triangular gazing, which I revealed in the “how to kiss a girl without fear of rejection” article. Count to three looking at her eyes, then down to her lips for a couple of seconds, then back up to her eyes and repeat the process about four as you’re talking.

This may seem a lot to remember but you will get better with practice. Nobody gets it perfect the first time.

So, while doing all that, you will very slowly take your hand (doesn’t matter which one it is) and reach around her back. You won’t be pulling her toward you, just touch her gently.

Step 4 – How to know if it’s working

If she is looking at your lips, you’re okay to proceed. On the other hand if she’s looking at your eyes only, you should wait for a moment or turn around, then back again and do it again.


This restarts her PC, so to speak. When you turn away and turn back again, people consider this a fresh start in a conversation. It’s a psychological loophole.

After you do it for a second time and she is still resistant, it’s probably a good idea to back off and find someone else.

If she seems to be comfortable and exited and looking at your lips you have a green light. You’ll be very close to her and speak almost directly into her ear.

Important to note here

In a loud environment like a club or a bar, you want to speak louder, but don’t raise your voice. Your voice should be very slow and you should be very close to her ear, so that she can hear you.

So, you keep talking, say something like: “Nobody will see this, it’s going to be our little secret. I promise you I won’t tell anyone but only if you promise me that you won’t either.”

And as you’re saying this into her ear, make sure she’s feeling your breath on her neck. This typically gets a deep, visceral sexual response from women when you do it.

As you’re speaking close to her ear, slowly press your cheek against hers, while you’re talking. After that, you’ll twist your head so that your mouth is close to hers and then you’ll start kissing her.

You want to start with just one soft peck and then straight to making out.

Make sure you practice this approach. Go for a minute or so at first and then as you get better you will be able to do this in 40 seconds or less.

Don’t use this technique all the time. But when the opportunity presents itself, it’s nice to have this in your attraction arsenal. You must have the right kind of tools for the job.

Whenever you notice a girl in that state, ready to be seduced, if you engage in small talk, banter and generally waste time, she’ll be turned off and you would have lost a golden opportunity.

Instead when you see her and know what she wants just go in and give it to her right away. This is the big difference between guys who are masters at seducing women and guys who are mediocre.

Now you have it, next time you go out, look for these signs and once you see them you know what to do.

Article inspired by The Tao of Badass.


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How to Stop a Woman on the Street

Hey guys, it’s me Nikki again with another awesome article based on The Tao of Badass.

We’ve all been there – Walking down the street, minding our own business and then out of nowhere a gorgeous girl crosses our sight.


Once you see her you can’t take your eyes off her. Deep down you feel the urge to meet her, but usually approach anxiety and lack of confidence prevents you from initiating conversation.

So, the question here is how do you get out of your comfort zone and approach her just like that? It’s something most guys wouldn’t even think about doing, but if done properly it can very romantic and can give you an opportunity of a lifetime.

Who knows, that girl might be your soul mate. It’s not worth to waste opportunities like these, when there is a simple way to engage a girl on the street and leave a very good impression.  Here’s how you do it:

Eye contact - In The Tao of Badass book and nearly any other book or material focused on relationship and dating eye contact is mentioned as one of the most important components of attraction. And it’s true.

When you see a stunning woman on the street, make eye contact immediately. Keep your eyes on her, so she knows your eyes didn’t meet by chance. After you’ve established eye contact, try to get her attention and make sure she sees it. Nod, wave – anything obviously attention grabbing.


Your voice - If the street is loud, you’ll have to raise your voice. Make sure your sentences aren’t lost in the noisy background. Keep this in mind, especially if she is not near enough to hear you in your default speaking volume. Be calm and keep the conversation simple so she can easily understand you.

Don’t follow - Don’t go after her. This projects neediness and she might perceive you as a creep. Best stand where you are and make sure she has heard you and has noticed your eye contact.

It’s always a good idea to compliment her, so she’ll be more inclined to stop and interact with you. You can practice this by complimenting random people you meet every day. That way you’ll be prepared what to say and how to say it when that gorgeous girl passes by one day.

Make good use of your hands - Combining hand gestures with words will keep her attention on you and will help her follow your conversation.It’s easy for her to be distracted when you’re out on the busy street, especially if she is not entirely convinced you’re worth talking to. The Tao of Badass Review


Keep her eyes focused on you by using your hands to display confidence. Avoid putting your hands in your pockets or slouching.

Smile - Smiling is probably the most welcoming and nonthreatening gesture you can do when you first meet somebody. By smiling you want to show that you’re happy meeting her and maintaining a calm attitude at the same time, so she won’t think you’re a creep. Display your interest and attraction to her with your smile. She will be more relaxed and welcoming toward you.

In conclusion, the magic behind approaching a beautiful girl on the street is showing confidence and maintaining it. You need to stand your ground and not run after her. Your eye contact and gestures should be bold enough to make her respond. After that – engage, compliment, flirt. Don’t make it too serous too quick.

Keep in mind, you’ve just met this girl and she might not even be single. Watch her body language, if she is showing a lot of positive body language, you have a green light to ask to meet her again.

The idea of stopping someone on the street can be very intimidating for most people. However, it’s a lot easier than you think, it’s all about getting her attention and showing how well intentioned and honest  you are.

Article inspired by The Tao of Badass book


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Top 5 Ways Men Kill Attraction

Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do, in the context of attracting women. Even if you follow the best dating advice you aren’t going to see much success, unless you eliminate the biggest killers of attraction from your arsenal as well.

So here I present to you the top 5 killers of attraction covered in The Tao of Badass.


1. Talking about your past relationships. It’s okay to mention your ex, if it’s applicable to the conversation. However, avoid talking in depth about your past relationships.

Stay in the present! Certainly, you don’t want to hear about her exes, neither does she want to her about yours.

2. Avoiding eye contact. Humans connect via eye contact. If you don’t make enough eye contact, you cannot engage with that person. This is all on a primal level. Look her in the eyes when asking her questions. When she responds she will know by the way you are looking at her if you’re truly interested in her and are serious enough to bond with her emotionally.


3. Not touching enough. We’re taught that touching other people should be done only in intimate settings. A friendly, casual touch is a good way to connect with your date and project confidence. Keep it platonic and casual.

Don’t worry, if you play the touching game right, you’ll get sexual with the touching eventually. Shake her hand when greeting her. Tap her on the shoulder to reinforce a compliment or a punch line. Touch her on the arm to point something out.

4. Making yourself less valuable than her.If you believe she is too good for you, and go out with her with that attitude, she’ll never be yours. No matter how hard you try to hide it, women can smell that lack of confidence, from a mile away. If you are having a difficult time building up self-worth and confidence to approach a hot girl, you need to work on your self-esteem.

Learn to value and appreciate who you are, before you try your luck with the ladies. There is actually a very interesting chapter in The Tao of Badass book, which focuses on creating a belief system for yourself and overcoming fear and anxiety. It has some awesome techniques on building confidence out of nothing, it’s great, you should check it out.

5. Ignoring her Body Language. You may feel well prepared for a date, if you have a carefully planned flirtation strategy but you will fail because of a simple concept: Attraction is about you and HER. The Tao of Badass Review. A woman is giving so much feedback every second with her body language and most guys just don’t bother to read it.

Girl rejection

For example, if you try a technique and it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t just try other techniques until something works.

Notice her reaction and body language to your first attempt. What happened exactly? Did she give you a disappointed look? Did she pull back?

Determine whether you didn’t show enough confidence or you came too strong, or you have insulted her in some way, or simply you couldn’t provoke interest.

It doesn’t matter how many tricks or techniques you know, if you aren’t observing her body language and reaction to your behavior, you are like a blind man in a mine field. This is the list of 5 things you should avoid doing when attracting a woman. Keep it in mind, every time you go out on a date and remember to be in the moment and be observant.

Article inspired by The Tao of Badass.


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How to Overcome Approach Anxiety

Almost every guy gets intimidated by approaching a woman he finds attractive. The fact that they look intimidating certainly has something to do with your attraction toward them.

So, here I present to you five easy ways Joshua Pellicer talks about in The Tao of Badass that can help you defeat that dreaded approach anxiety. Being able to approach a woman with confidence is something every guy is capable of achieving, but it requires effort and patience.

1. Walking down the street

Ask yourself this: How do you walk down the street? Are you looking at shop windows or your feet most of the time? Are you using your cellphone a lot while walking? Let’s try something new. Walk down the street, smile to everyone you meet and just say hi.

Greet the people you know and have a brief chat. With strangers just give them a smile and say hi, no strings attached. You won’t probably see most of these people again and, if you do it’s very unlikely any of them will remember you. Use this as a training to boost your confidence in meeting people.

2. Uncomfortable situations

Try putting yourself in uncomfortable or awkward situations on purpose. This will help you get used to social stress and learn what needs to be done before and during an encounter to boost your confidence. Don’t think of the outcome, just do it as exercise.

3. Talking

What’s terrifying about approaching women is not the encounter itself, but its outcome –what’s going to happen after that? The Tao of Badass Review What will she think of me? Is she going to reject me? You can gain more confidence in approaching by chatting with strangers, with no dependency on the outcome.

4. Banter

Apart from approaching and chatting with random people on the street, try bantering with servers, waiters or other employees at places you visit. These people are used to customers chatting with them, so it will be really useful for you.

5. Getting out of your comfort zone

Probably the best way to overcome approach anxiety is moving out of your daily routine and start experiencing new things, meeting new people. For example, volunteering is an easy way to do it.

Either at an animal shelter or a food bank you will be interacting with new people every single day. A lot of them will be women and will be attracted to some of these women. This whole set up is ideal for helping you overcome the fear of approaching women.

Article inspired by The Tao of Badass book.


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Best 5 Ways to Pass Congruence Tests

In my The Tao of Badass Review, I briefly mentioned about the tests that women give to see how confident a guy really is. There are two kinds – compliance and congruence tests.

I discussed compliance tests in my “What makes an average looking guy instantly become “hot”?”article.So, if you want to know more about compliance test, go and check it out. In this article I will cover congruence tests.

What is a congruence test? A congruence test is when a woman you’ve just approached starts to insult you in some way. For example, when you approach her and she says something like: “You think you’re so slick!” or “Who the hell do you think you are?”

When she says things like that, it doesn’t mean she’s rude or not interested, it just means she’s testing you to see how you will react. There a 5 simple ways you can pass the congruence test and show her that you handle women who are bitchy from time to time.

1. Flipping the script

Being playful and catty is usually a female trait, so if you say something in the lines of: “Are you hitting on me?” will surprise and amuse her. The Tao of Badass review. It takes some guts, but it’s worth a shot. In the worst case scenario it will soften her up a little bit.

2. Misinterpretation

Not many women are so rude, so if she makes an insult like that, assume it’s a test. Respond to the insult just like it’s a test. Say something like: “So you must really like me, huh?” She will be caught off guard and may back off at first, but eventually she will impressed by the quick recovery and your confidence.

3. Redirecting

Instead of acting offended, just accept it for what it is: a game. Respond with a compliment of some sort and tell her you like her feistiness. And again, she will surprised and very impressed. She will drop her guard and from then on you can start flirting with her real self.

4. Ignore the insult.

Just go on as you planned with the conversation, no matter the insult. Or, act as if she said something else, like: “I’d love to buy you a drink but I don’t feel like dancing”. Don’t respond to her game, she just wants to know if you can handle the heat, she doesn’t want a cursing contest.

5. Play the game

Finally, a great way to surprise her and steer the interaction into a more positive direction is to make playful response by playing along. For example, when asks an offensive question you say: “I could ask you the same!”. That response meets her insult head on and transforms the confrontation into something fun.

When you muster the confidence to approach a woman and she responds with an insult, it’s easy to feel rejected and defeated. But, remember, that’s just a test, nothing more. Use the tips mentioned above and you will prove that you aren’t affected by her bitchy mood.

Article inspired by The Tao of Badass


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How to Make Women Approach You

So far in my The Tao of Badass Review and all my other articles I’ve talked about how to get a girl, how to be more attractive, how to approach a girl, but in some situations the girl comes to you first, so here I will give you some tips from Joshua Pellicer on how to make a girl approach you.

If you want to play the passive role and still get chicks, you make yourself well known among the people at the bar or party or wherever you are. It’s that simple. Once you’ve become familiar with everyone, women can approach with without fear.

Be on the move

Make sure you act as if you’ve got somewhere to go, so that you can move freely around the room and meet everyone who has arrived. Act as if you are the host, there’s always someone to greet, somewhere to be, something to check. A casual brief chat with everyone you meet will make you famous throughout the party and easier to approach.

Keep yourself likable

Being open can be annoying to others if done the wrong way. Proceed with respect for everyone you meet and make sure that your goal is to make sure everyone is having a good time. If you arrive before everyone else, build some rapport with the host, or staff. They will remember your kindness and any favors they make for you will be noticed by everyone, increasing your social value.

Find an advantageous location

It might seem it’s not a big deal, but by strategically choosing where to spend most of the time at a party or a bar can greatly increase or decrease your social status. You want to have the image of a friendly guy that everyone knows and talks to. You can pull this off while maintaining you sexy charm and until you notice it, women who are attracted to you will start approaching you.

Talk to everyone

Keep in mind your goal is to be known by everyone, even if there are some people you usually won’t to talk to and even avoid. Try to interact with everyone.  You might think the gorgeous girl in the red dress will never notice you, but if you have high social value she may find you attractive and yet not find the confidence to approach you. The trick is to demonstrate that you have high social value and you aren’t snobby. Have the image of a cool and nice guy at the same time.

Make your appearance notable

All that moving around and socializing in the world won’t make you stand out if your appearance isn’t unique. Ideally you want everyone to recognize you easily. But don’t make it too much. Dress within your comfort zone, choose an outfit that suits your personality. Express your good sides. The Tao of Badass review Dress a little more formal than everyone else so you can look more sexy and stand out just a little bit.

In order to become the life of the party, the most important thing is to have confidence! If you need practice confidence building techniques until you get in the mood do them. When you show your confidence properly, every woman at the party will desire you.

Once you have captured the attention of the women, flirt to build some tension and make them want more. Keep up your friendly and open personality. Send some favors to the woman you’re interested in, when you have the chance.

Article inspired by The Tao of Badass.


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